Keep Grindin’ (So many balloons!)

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What I Thought of When I Saw Bilbo Enter The Mountain

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Just watch please!

I didn’t write this article but I thought I’d share (

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“Wishing will not bring you riches, but desiring riches with the state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches and backing those plans with persistence, which does not recognize failure, will bring riches”. — Napoleon Hill

It’s almost too simple, but it’s still one of the most powerful realizations: in order to be successful you need to define what you want, then go after it. We already know this is how success works, yet we constantly need to be reminded (at least I do), or before you know it we’re fighting a losing battle with the resistance. We may find ourself making excuses, putting off our dream, & eventually, in the worst possible case: living a dispassionate or apathetic life. So if you desire something, you must remember that wishing will not get you there. There is only hard work & the perfect moment to start pursuing your dream is now. So long as you love & believe in your work, are obsessed with obtaining your desires, & (my favorite) work with a persistence that does not recognize failure, you will have unavoidable success — this path will inevitably lead you to realizing your dreams. Be empowered, because you are powerful beyond measure.

Gary Vaynerchuk…

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Gary Vaynerchuk Quote

“I’m trying to scale the unscalable.”

Movies Or Reading?

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I love the movies! When times were easier, my best buddy, Lloyd, and I would head to the theater bright and early on a Monday in the summer, pay the $5 for the first movie playing that day, watch it, then we would literally bounce from movie to movie until the whole place closed. Thinking back, it sounds pretty terrible to me now that we did that, but hey…we were barely teenagers and broke. Now that I’m older, instead of spending my time in the movie theater, I spend it in the bookstore/Starbucks. If you follow my twitter (@AuthorMTSmith), you’d know that I’m in here everyday, all day just reading and writing away. What a trade off I’ve made!

But…I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m just a fan of reading and writing now, in fact I’m still not the best at curling up with a hefty piece of literature and reading it cover to cover; and I still love movies (just saw The Hobbit…yes…more please…The Hobbit…yes!). I can say, I do have a bigger appreciation for the written word now. This gets me thinking though, “With my new found appreciation for words, why don’t I sit down and just read?”

If you read my last blog entry you’ll know that I am a visual guy; a visual guy that has a hard time sitting still. And what is it that usually makes me sit still? A movie. Haha.

So from this I pose the following questions:

Everybody goes to the movies and most go often but not everyone reads books or reads books often. What would you say are the top three things that would make you stop, pick up a book, and actually read it from cover to cover? And for movie-goers that don’t read books all that often what is missing from books nowadays that keep you at bay?


Advice from some Greats

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So my coincidental meeting with the random individual at the bar who I gave my book to paid off. He connected me with two very successful authors that gave me a bunch of helpful information; information that I will give to all of you shortly. They were Mr. Frank Beddor (The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy) and Mr. PJ Haarsma (The Softwire).

However, a little background before I begin my tale: If you’re like me, you are a visual kind of person. I am extremely if not all visual, although I am a writer, and it is this part of my personality that drove me to immediately begin work on a book trailer as soon as I finished Cry The Fables. I already had things all set up with my film squad: a script, locations, costumes and characters, the whole kaboodle (is that what people say? Kaboodle?). Anyways, I was on my way.  I was drawing up a budget to send out to investors and was going to ask for a couple thousand to make it just perfect. I thought to myself everyone is going to see this and it is going to be so amazing. They will flock to the shelves and online to pick one up.

Now, back to the present: After speaking with my new author friends, I was quickly told not be so optimistic. I was getting ready to sink all my money (investor money) into a very high risk venture without having the most important thing – AN AUDIENCE. I was told that I should focus more of my marketing capitol and resources on getting the book out there and in the hands of readers.

WATTPAD.COM is a great site I was told for getting the general public to take a look at my work. Just subscribed today! Yay! Only thing is: I have to wait three days until I can post comments in my clubs. This however gives me ample time to explore the site before I start popping off at the mouth.

I used CREATESPACE.COM to create my book and have it put in paperback form earlier this week. They were delivered to my house on Thursday last week. Since then I have given away a few of them to my friends to read for feedback and such.  This is the kind of stuff I should be doing, I was told. I JUST NEED TO PUT IT OUT THERE!

 BOOK TOURS! I love to act and put on a show; I direct several plays and musicals a year. So why not go to some high schools and middle schools and get them reading? Cry The Fables deals with death on a bit of a graphic level so maybe not the middle schools so much. I’m currently in the process of getting a cool interactive presentation together!

All in all, they completely changed my mind on how to approach this marketing thing. Just getting it out there is the key! Ugh. If you’re like me, this gets you nervous. I’m pretty nervous about jumping in like that.  But hey, what’s life without risk?


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They say everything happens for reason. I believe that’s true.  And on this journey to get Cry The Fables out there strange opportunities have arisen. I was out with some friends the other night on Mill Avenue sharing some laughs and drinks, when I noticed someone had crept into our conversation.  He was a nice, cool guy from Utah named Brian who was there on business just for the night. Although he was a bit older than us and may not have looked the part at first, he fit right in with us.

He was a computer guy, an entrepreneur, and a successful one at that from I heard. However, he liked to diversify his interests–one of which is producing films. I am in the process of creating a book trailer at this very moment and I’m looking for good investors. It just so happened that I had one copy of my book in my car. I ran out of the bar and brought it back to him, not so much believing he would be the investor I’m looking for, but to just show him that I wasn’t talking out of my ass. After handing him the book, he said, “You’ve made a really good connection,son. I just might be able to help you.”

With that we exchanged information and went our separate ways. Cross your fingers that maybe, just maybe, something great will happen from this chance encounter. We’ll see what happens.